Big Data - The Hot Commodity on Wall Street

Posted by Nina Robbins


Imagine – The fluorescent stock ticker tape speeding through your company stats -  a 20% increase in likes, 15% decrease in retail foot traffic and 600 retweets.  In the new economy, net worth alone doesn’t determine the value of an individual or a business.  Social sentiment, central bank communications, retail sentiment, technical factors, foot traffic and event based signals contribute to the atmospheric influence encasing you company’s revenue.

NASDAQ recently announced the launch of the “NASDAQ Analytics Hub” – a new platform that provides the buy side with investment signals that are derived from structured and unstructured data, and unique to Nasdaq.  Big Data is the new oil and Wall Street is starting to transform our crude data material into a very valuable commodity.


What does this mean for the future of business intelligence? 



It means that businesses that have been holding on to traditional analytics as the backbone of boardroom decisions must evolve.  Nasdaq has pushed big data BI tech squarely into the mainstream.  Now, it’s survival of the bittest. 

An early majority of businesses have already jumped onto the Big Data bandwagon, but transformation hasn’t been easy.  According to Thoughtworks, businesses are suffering from “transformation fatigue – the sinking feeling that the new change program presented by management will result in as little change as the one that failed in the previous fiscal year.”  Many companies are in a vicious cycle of adopting a sexy new data analytics tool, investing an exorbitant amount of time in data prep, forcing employees to endure a cumbersome onboarding process, getting overwhelmed by the complexity of the tool, and finally, giving up and reverting to spreadsheets. 

"There is a gap and struggle with business operations between spreadsheets, enterprise applications and traditional BI tools that leave people exhausted and overwhelmed, never mind the opportunities with incorporating alternative data to enhance your business intelligence processes."  - Joe Sticca COO -

Now, the challenge for data management platforms is to democratize data science and provide self-service capabilities to the masses.  Luckily, data management platforms are hitting the mark.  In April, Harvard Business Review published results of an ongoing survey of Fortune 1000 companies about their data investments since 2012, “and for the first time a near majority - 48.4% - report that their firms are achieving measurable results for their big data investments, with 80.7% of executives characterizing their big data investments as successful.”

As alternative data like foot traffic and social sentiment become entrenched in the valuation process, companies will have to keep pace with NASDAQ and other industry titans on insights, trends and forecasting.  Synaptik is helping lead the charge on self-service data analytics.  Management will no longer depend on IT teams to translate data into knowledge.

"Now, with the progression of cloud computing and easy to use data management interfaces with tools like Synaptik, your able to bring enterprise control of your data analytics processes and scale into new data science revenue opportunities." - Joe Sticca COO -

Synaptik's fully-managed infrastructure of tools makes big-data in the cloud is fast, auto-scalable, secure and on-demand when you need it. With auto-ingestion data-transfer agents, and web-based interfaces similar to spreadsheets you can parse and calculate new metadata to increase dimensionality and insights, using server-side computing, which is a challenge for user-side spreadsheet tools.


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