Michael Davison

As a former USMC Infantry Officer with a Masters in Information and Library Science and a gift for communication, research, and copywriting, the breadth of Michael’s life experience informs every project he works on, from Managing Studio54 in the 2000s, to global enterprise accounts today. He loves to roll his sleeves up and get in the trenches with his design and dev teams in order to maximize their talents and skills, and to make their work as clear and as smooth as possible.
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“Thanks to your unwavering commitment and dedication to support this project, you’ve brought us closer to realizing the vision that has been on the hearts and minds of countless American service men and women.” – Dr. James T Averhart, National President of MPMA

“I am always left at the end wanting to know more – wanting to be a part of what is going on at True Interaction. TI is like IT with a soul. Totally unique. I highly doubt anyone else is selling something that is – so conscientious…” - Nadia Tarr

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